YALI Alumni Meet Dr Peter Pham and the Ambassador Mike Hammer

YALI Alumni (MWF & YALI RLC EA) had a productive meeting discussion with Dr. Peter Pham from Washington DC and Ambassador Mike Hammer on how engaged alumni are playing different role in their communities making D.R. Congo a better place to live. All tracks were represented from Civic Engagement, Public Management to Business and Entrepreneurship. Sharing different view and perspectives, alumni raised keys elements to lead Congo toward change. Lack of impunity, high corruption rate, unaccountable government, lack of priorities plan, were highlighted by alumni as main challenges faced in the country and these challenges create a barrier to achieve sustainable development. To make this happened and possible, as young leaders they are daily working in their respective organizations to achieve results by clear goals and strategic plan. Dr. Peter Pham thanks them all for sharing their experiences in the DRC context and encouraged them to continuing impact positively their community through various works and accomplishments.