The Interview

The applicant will be interviewed by a commissioned Consular Officer. Each applicant should bring all required documents listed on the pre-interview checklist.

Applicants may also wish to bring evidence demonstrating their relationship with the petitioner, e.g. family photos, money transfer receipts, and records of virtual communication (WhatsApp, phone calls, text messages). Phones are prohibited in the interview area, so please bring physical print-outs of this relationship evidence. In some cases, the Consular Officer may recommend that DNA testing be used to verify a biological relationship. We will inform applicants when making this recommendation. In general, immigrant visa fees are paid at the National Visa Center (NVC).  In some circumstances, such as age out or expedite cases, fees should be paid at the Consular Section’s cashier.   Please visit our website for detailed information about the appropriate fees to be paid.

Please Note: All visitors to U.S. Embassy Kinshasa must follow certain security procedures. Any visitor who declines to be screened by U.S. Embassy security personnel will be unable to enter the embassy. To avoid delaying your entry and that of those in line behind you, please bring only what is required for your interview. Visa applicants are not permitted to bring cellular telephones, tablets, or laptops into the embassy. U.S. Embassy Kinshasa does not provide any space for the storage of such devices.