Preparing for the Interview

Prepare for your interview
Confirm your appointment

Detailed instructions on preparing for your immigrant visa interview at U.S. Embassy Kinshasa are available on the U.S. Department of State’s website. These instructions are specific to U.S. Embassy Kinshasa, updated regularly, and translated in French in a separate PDF. For more information on preparing for your interview, click here.

Applicants will receive written notification from the National Visa Center (NVC) or U.S. Embassy Kinshasa’s Consular Section that a petition has been received naming them as beneficiary. After receiving notification of an interview appointment, applicants MUST confirm that they will attend the scheduled interview via U.S. Embassy Kinshasa’s online scheduling system. Visit the following website and create an account to confirm your appointment: 

It is each applicant’s responsibility to come to the Consular Section for their appointment as scheduled.  If it is not possible to keep an appointment for any reason, the applicant must request a “no show” appointment through the online scheduling service:

If an applicant fails to show-up for an appointment as scheduled, and fails to notify the Consular Section in advance, no action will be taken on the case. Applicants who have missed an appointment should NOT take it upon themselves to appear when it is convenient for them.  The petitioner or the applicant must pay all fees before the interview.

Applicants interviewing at U.S. Embassy Kinshasa are specifically reminded to:

  • Schedule your medical examination immediately and bring your medical report with you to your interview. Please visit our website to learn which approved hospitals provide medical exams.
  • Prepare your required original civil documents and bring them with you to your interview. Some applicants may be asked to provide paper copies of their original civil documents. If your case was processed electronically through the CEAC, you do not need to bring copies of your civil documents. All other immigrant visa applicants must bring copies of their civil documents to their interview.