The Interview

Don’t miss your scheduled appointment

Each DV applicant is responsible for showing up at the Consular Section for the visa interview as scheduled. Otherwise, the applicant must request a “no-show” appointment via the online scheduling system. Failure to attend a scheduled interview without notifying the Consular Section in advance will result in an automatic appointment cancellation. Applicants who have missed their appointment should NOT take it upon themselves to appear when they think it is convenient.

The DV applicant must bring all required documentation and pay the DV fee of $330 (per applicant) on the visa interview day at the Embassy. The Consular Section’s cashier booth is the sole authorized point of collection for DV fee payments, and it is open on the morning of the interview. Do not pay the DV fee at a bank or to a cyber café or visa facilitator. The Embassy will destroy any documentation sent in advance by mail, e-mail, fax, or other delivery services.

The visa interview is never a guarantee

Once the file is ready, a commissioned consular officer will interview the DV applicant. During the interview, the officer will determine if the primary applicant (the Diversity Visa selectee) is qualified for the visa. Please do not make any major life changes, such as quitting your job, purchasing travel tickets, selling your property, or taking any loans you cannot repay if you do not get a visa until you are issued. Many applicants get denied after the consular officer finds out they are not qualified for a DV. Unfortunately, some qualified applicants may miss visas after the interview due to visa numbers shortage. We encourage all applicants to read DV instructions carefully before coming to the Embassy.

Feel free to check out Frequently Asked Questions on our Diversity Visa main page to learn more about the DV Program qualifications.