Entry period

The US Diversity Visa Program entry period generally opens each year in October. The only way to register for the Diversity Visa Program is through the official website, https://dvprogram.state.gov . Diversity Visa entry is free throughout the entry period. The State Department does not work with intermediary services for the DV lottery. You can register yourself without going through a third-party person or service. This will save you a lot of trouble, especially if your information is not entered correctly or if you have to pay additional fees to the person assisting you.

Carefully read and follow all instructions

Please make sure you read all the instructions available online before engaging into your Diversity Visa entry. Instructions in French are available here. The instructions for the Diversity Visa program are simple but strict. Failure to follow them scrupulously will lead to disqualification. As expenses incurred for visas and other necessary documents are non-refundable, all applicants must comply with the Diversity Visa entry rules.

Save your confirmation number and email address

Entrants need to save their unique confirmation number and secure their email address.  The unique confirmation number is crucial for checking the selection status and obtaining visa application and appointment information. The email address is the only means to retrieve a confirmation number and receive updates on a winning entry. Unfortunately, unscrupulous visa facilitators often retain the confirmation number and email address associated with a Diversity Visa entry and then demand more money in exchange for information on the case. Entrants can avoid this by ensuring they provide their personal email address at the time of entry and save their unique confirmation number.

Please check Frequently Asked Questions on our Diversity Visa main page.