Upcoming Event Alert for U.S. Citizens:  July 31, 2018

Location: Kinshasa

Event: Former DRC vice president and Movement for the Liberation of Congo (MLC) leader Jean Pierre Bemba is expected to return to Kinshasa during the morning of August 1, 2018.  Large crowds are expected to be on the streets and line roadways to welcome him.  While crowds are expected to be peaceful, they will likely block roadways and routes in Kinshasa.  Please note August 1 is also Parents Day which is a DRC national holiday so the U.S. Embassy will be closed. Due to the likelihood of large crowds in Kinshasa, U.S. Embassy personnel have been advised to remain home until crowds have dissipated.

Actions to Take:


  • As always, we recommend avoiding large crowds. Even when peaceful, large crowds can be unpredictable.  There is an increased potential for crowds in the vicinity of the airport and leading toward downtown Kinshasa.
  • Be aware that checkpoints are expected, especially during periods of darkness.
  • Review the country page and remain alert for potentially dangerous situations.