Tributes Continue for VOA’s 75th Anniversary

WASHINGTON D.C., June 14, 2017 — Former U.S. presidents Carter and Bush recently joined other dignitaries in sending their congratulations to Voice of America in honor of VOA’s 75th anniversary.

Thirty-ninth president Jimmy Carter said, “We know that Voice of America broadcasts have encouraged generations of human rights defenders all over the world. And I’m proud that this U.S.-based media outlet is giving voice to oppressed people and marginalized people everywhere.” He also called VOA, “a good model of a robust, independent press.”

Forty-third president George W. Bush mentioned the people who have taken risks over the years to listen to VOA’s “free voice,” which answered the desire deep in everybody’s soul to be free. He also called Voice of America “a realistic voice for peace. Not a hopelessly idealistic voice.”

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