The US Government Launches the Elimu Ni Jibu ya USAID Activity

Bukavu, April 14, 2021

Today, The United States partnered with the Government of DRC to launch the new Elimu Ni Jibu ya USAID Activity to support education in emergencies in North and South Kivu and Ituri. Through USAID, this five-year, $38 million activity will enhance the education of more than 200,000 youth—both in and out-of-school—and support more than 6,000 teachers and educators.

In his remarks, U.S. Ambassador to DRC Mike Hammer said, “Education plays a foundational role in the Privileged Partnership for Peace and Prosperity between the United States and the DRC.  Education should enable all Congolese to participate fully in the cultural, economic, political, and social life of their country…I am convinced that—through sincere and effective collaboration—we will continue to enhance an education to provide all Congolese children with a safe, stable, and quality education.”  

Elimu ni Jibu ya USAID supports the government of the DRC in its quest to address children’s interconnected learning and development needs. The activity will grow academic and social emotional learning skills; enhance safe, supportive relationships and stable routines; and support communities. It will provide crisis-responsive education services; ensure that teachers receive the training necessary for them to work in emergency contexts; and use innovative methods such as interactive radio instruction, home tutoring, and mobile-delivered teacher support to increase access to learning. 

Finally, within communities, the activity will promote the physical, social, and emotional safety and well-being of all students; reduce sexual abuse and gender-based violence; and foster collective action to address triggers of violence.

The Elimu Ni Jibu ya USAID Activity is made possible due to the support of the American people through USAID. To learn more, visit