The United States Provides Additional Assistance For The 2023 Election In The Democratic Republic Of The Congo

Tuesday, September 6, 2022, Washington, USA – The United States government announced an additional $13 million, in addition to its current election support of $10.65 million, to support transparent, credible, and inclusive political processes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). This $3 million from USAID’s Complex Crises Fund, and $1 million in new funding from the Department of State’s Africa Regional Democracy Fund, and will support international and local observation of the DRC’s 2023 presidential and legislative elections by qualified, non-partisan observers.

Timely and accurate reporting on the DRC’s electoral process by independent, impartial observers will help citizens understand, participate in, and trust their elections. The Biden-Harris Administration welcomes President Tshisekedi’s commitment, which he reinforced at the Summit for Democracy, to hold elections on time and his invitation for electoral observers. Support for strengthened elections and political processes will contribute to freer, fairer, and more inclusive elections in the DRC and further establish a culture of democratic electoral reform.

The United States has also committed an additional $7 million to strengthen voter education, support inclusive and peaceful electoral processes, counter disinformation, and provide technical assistance ahead of the DRC’s 2023 election.

These funds are in addition to USAID’s existing $9 million DRC Elections Integrity Activity, which will continue to support the DRC’s Independent National Electoral Commission and civil society organizations through November 2024. This activity trains, coaches, and develops organizational resources for electoral staff and poll workers, provides post-election observation and analysis. USAID also supports civil society organizations to provide civic education and strengthen the participation of women, youth, and marginalized communities in electoral processes, and will support civil society and media in their efforts to raise awareness and counter misinformation about electoral and political processes.

The United States will continue to stand in partnership with the Congolese people as they prepare to participate in transparent, credible, and inclusive elections to select their national leaders.


USAID is the international development agency of the government of the United States. USAID’s Democracy, Human Rights and Governance programming in the Democratic Republic of the Congo works in partnership with the Congolese people to develop democratic systems, empower civil society to participate in governance, support the media and free press, promote human rights, and strengthen public financial management and rule of law to tackle corruption. USAID Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance staff also work across the USAID portfolio to ensure that investments in other development sectors integrate democratic governance principles.


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