Support for Facilitation of National Dialogue in the D.R. Congo

The United States welcomes the recent Inaugural Meeting of the Support Group for the Facilitation of the National Dialogue in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  While not a member of this Group, the United States endorses the conclusions of the meeting, in which participants reaffirmed the crucial importance of holding a successful national dialogue with all Congolese stakeholders; called on stakeholders to create a conducive environment for the dialogue; offered support to the Facilitator and the dialogue process; welcomed ongoing efforts to urgently revise the voter registration list; and appealed for partner support for voter registration and to address Congo’s economic challenges.

The United States urges Congolese political leaders to seize the opportunity afforded by this international Support Group; to ensure protection of political space and democratic rights enshrined in the Constitution; and to work constructively with the Facilitator appointed by the African Union to proceed quickly to an inclusive National Dialogue to find a consensus path forward on DRC’s electoral timeline and its first democratic transfer of power.