Statement from the U.S. Embassy Following DRC Elections

Kinshasa, December 22, 2023

The United States continues to closely follow the DRC electoral process.  We noted logistical issues that delayed or prevented the opening of polling sites; however, we were encouraged by the democratic spirit displayed by the Congolese people as they waited in line, sometimes for hours, to exercise their right to vote.  We are paying close attention to the reports released by national and international observation missions and thank them for the professionalism and rigor that they have brought to these important elections.

As the vote counting continues, we look to the electoral authorities to ensure the transparency and integrity of results that is necessary for a free and fair process.  If disputes arise in the coming days and weeks, we urge all political leaders to continue to show restraint and resolve differences in a peaceful manner as desired by the Congolese people and in accordance with the legal procedures in place.