Promotion of Computer Literacy at UNIKIN

From left to right: Dr. Clément Mwabila, Ambassador James C. Swan and Dr. Mbuyi Mukendi of Unikin. (State Dept. Images)The U.S. Embassy was pleased to partner with Vodacom Congo to open a Computer Literacy Center at UNIKIN’s Faculté de Sciences on Friday, December 19.  This computer literacy center is a powerful example of a successful public-private partnership that the U.S. Embassy is proud to be part of.  To maximize the benefits of internet access, the U.S. Embassy, through our Information Resource Center, has identified and made available a number of on-line resources that will be extremely valuable for UNIKIN students. These include access to academic databases, English language learning resources, and information about studying in the United States.  We have also provided on-line resources on a variety of topics such as education, economics, business and management, health, American studies, English teaching, journalism, and others.  The Embassy will also offer resources to facilitate Massive Open Online Courses, or “MOOCs,” which are free, on-line classes offered by prestigious U.S. universities that are accessible to anyone with an internet connection.