President Tshisekedi’s April 2019 Visit to the United States

Date: March 27, 2019

Subject: President Tshisekedi’s April 2019 Visit to the United States

The United States welcomes President Felix Tshisekedi’s visit to Washington next week. This will be President Tshisekedi’s first trip outside of Africa since his inauguration. His decision to make Washington his first stop is a reflection of our shared commitment to a more peaceful and prosperous Congo. President Tshisekedi’s visit will provide an opportunity to discuss in greater detail our joint interest in combating corruption, respecting human rights, enhancing health and education services for the Congolese people, improving security, and creating more jobs for Congolese by attracting greater American investment.

DRC’s first peaceful transfer of power provided an historic opportunity to chart a new path. ‎We have been impressed by the many steps President Tshisekedi has already taken to respond to the Congolese people’s clear desire for change by fighting corruption, opening political space, and improving respect for human rights.  ‎It is clear that President Tshisekedi is, as the crowds during his inauguration asked him to do, putting the people first.  The United States is fully committed to supporting President Tshisekedi’s vision for the future and his efforts to improve the lives of the Congolese people. ‎ His visit to Washington will strengthen our partnership based on shared values and interests. The United States looks forward to working with President Tshisekedi to realize the DRC’s true potential and to produce results for the Congolese people.


Mike A. Hammer

U.S. Ambassador to the DRC


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