Opening of a new Tasting Coffee Center in DRC

On July 7, 2015, U.S. Embassy in the DRC inaugurated a new analysis and tasting coffee center of the National Coffee Office (ONC-Bukavu) with support from USAID and the Buffet Foundation. Governor of South Kivu Marcellin Cishambo; Director of ONC Mr. Saiba Nzanzu; USAID/DRC Mission Director Dr. Diana Putman; and President of Kalehe Arabica Coffee Cooperative (KACCO), Mr. Steven Kanane were present at the ceremony.

One of the fifteen tasters at work. (State Dept. Images)Governor of South Kivu Marcellin Cishambo and USAID/DRC Mission Director Dr. Diana Putman participated in a tasting session during the inaugural ceremony. According to Dr. Diana Putman, the new center will allow ONC-Bukavu to control coffee before exportation. It is also a venue to train a new generation of coffee tasters.

The project is Kahawa Bora Kivu has already provided training to 15 tasters including 6 from ONC and 9 from coffee grower cooperatives. In addition, the project also financed the construction of three washing stations that help process coffee cherries and produce a coffee of improved quality. Kahawa Bora Kivu worked with coffee farmers and local cooperatives providing sound agricultural techniques.