Online Auction

The U.S. Embassy in Kinshasa announces to the public that it is organizing an online auction of furniture, equipment, office supplies, hardware, auto spare parts, vehicles and other goods. Please visit the Embassy’s auction site at (French or (English and click on “Kinshasa” to view current and upcoming items for sale. After clicking on “Kinshasa”, scroll further down the page and click on “how it works or FAQ” to read the conditions of sale.

You may also visit the American Embassy in Kinshasa’s website at or its Facebook page entitled l’Ambassade des Etats Unis, Kinshasa “@ambassadeusaKinshasa” or its Twitter account at US Embassy Kinshasa “usembkinshasa” for more information.

The program of this sale is as follows:

November 18 at 10:00, the sale begins;

November 25 at 18:00, the sale ends on and the winners are notified by email;

From November 26 to 27 , winners must pay cash or online by credit/debit card following the instructions on how to pay online on the site. After confirmation of payment, the winner makes arrangements with the Embassy representative for the withdrawal of their purchases.

For those who pay by credit or debit card as indicated in the site will receive a 5% discount on the total amount to be paid.

All are welcome