Joint Statement by the Embassies of Belgium, Canada, United Kingdom and United States to the D.R.Congo

Celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Congolese Constitution

On this February 18, 2016, we congratulate the Congolese government and people on the tenth anniversary of the enactment of the Constitution, which remains an enduring expression of consensual national values.  The Constitution is the product of long negotiations and compromise by a broad range of Congolese stakeholders, endorsed overwhelmingly by the people as an expression of the national will, and promulgated by the President of the Republic, His Excellency Joseph Kabila Kabange, on behalf of all Congolese.  As the supreme law of the land, this pivotal and visionary text enshrines the Congolese people’s desire to be governed according to democratic norms after enduring decades of one-party rule ending in political turbulence and violent conflict.  These democratic freedoms are especially important during the current electoral period in which the people will select their leaders for the coming years.

We, Heads of Mission representing countries, which are both friends and partners of the Democratic Republic of Congo, celebrate with the Congolese government and people, the tenth anniversary of the Constitution, and share your hope, as expressed in this foundational document, for a “State (driven by) the Rule of law and a powerful and prosperous Nation, based on a genuine political, economic, social and cultural democracy”.

Ambassador Michel Lastschenko, Belgium
Ambassador Ginette Martin, Canada
Ambassador James Swan, United States
Ambassador Graham Zebedee, United Kingdom