Joint statement by international partners of the DRC

Joint statement by Germany, Belgium, Canada, South Korea, Spain, United States, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Norway, Netherlands , Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and European Union

Kinshasa, October 26, 2021

Following the speech by the President of the Republic of October 22, 2021, the partners reiterate the principles set out in their joint declaration of April 27, 2021, welcoming the inauguration of the new Congolese government. They reaffirm their attachment to the shared principles of transparency, freedom, inclusiveness, impartiality, and credibility for the upcoming elections, essential to the consolidation of democracy and stability in the DRC. Regarding the appointment of all the members of the CENI, they note with regret that the stakeholders did not reach a consensus, which is an important element in building confidence in the electoral process to come.

They therefore call on the competent authorities to seek the support of all relevant actors, including political parties and civil society, in the electoral process and to strengthen their confidence in it.

To this end, the crucial next steps will include the revision of the electoral law, which should strengthen the mechanisms of control and transparency; the effective launch of the process of identification and registration of voters; and the establishment of an appropriate budget and an electoral calendar respecting the constitutional deadlines.

They encourage the CENI to increase its accountability and all relevant stakeholders to consult together with the objective of ensuring the credibility and the smooth management of future elections.

They reaffirm their support to the Congolese government in the organization of transparent, free and inclusive elections within the deadlines provided for by the Constitution. They welcome the wish expressed by the President of the Republic regarding international election observation and are studying the modalities to respond to his invitation to accompany the electoral process.