Inauguration of SSH Project – Maternity Esengo

Ceasear is showing the Solar light systems for the delivery and operation rooms. (State Dept. Images)The Embassy signed a contract to provide two solar light systems for the delivery and operation rooms of the maternity, and December 15, 2015, the DCM inaugurated the recently installed solar light systems.  Upon arrival at the maternity, the DCM and the SSH team were graciously greeted by a compassionate, professional team of workers.  They were amazed at the number of newborns present that day.  Approximately 2,000 infants are born at this maternity yearly.  As usual the maternity was humming.  A C-section was underway in the operating room, the two newly delivered twins had just been brought to a recovery room.  The local power had been on and off numerous times already, but the maternity no longer has to depend on it.  No more delivering babies by flashlights.   The maternity contributed additional funds, which provides lights for the entire maternity.  Mothers now enjoy a constant source of light 24 hours a day!It was very evident that the patients and staff at the maternity are extremely grateful to the Embassy for the gift of light to their community.  The Embassy is honored to be part of such a worthy project.  We believe the maternity will continue to move forward and conditions at the maternity will improve as the maternity cares for the health needs of the mothers in Kisenso community.