Feingold, Affleck testify before U.S. Congress

Founder of Eastern Congo Initiative Ben Affleck with Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Russell Feingold and Secretary of State John Kerry. (State Dept. Images)On Wednesday, February 26, Special Envoy to the Great Lakes and the DRC, Russell Feingold, actor and activist Ben Afflek, and others testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee of the U.S. Congress on the situation in eastern Congo.   Secretary Kerry acknowledged the ongoing efforts of both Affleck and Feingold to ameliorate the situation. In remarks prior to the testimony, Feingold noted the Secretary’s active engagement in the region, and Affleck highlighted the Secretary’s focus on this issue, stating, “[his] purview is the entire world, [but he] has taken time to focus and to recognize that this is a moment where we have a window where we can really effect change.”