EducationUSA and Fulbright alumni speak to secondary school students about U.S. studies

Un élève de Jewels International School posant sa question

To mark International Education Week, Cultural Affairs Officer Taylor Tinney, representing EducationUSA, and  Jonathan Bashi and Achille Mutombo‎, alumni of the Fulbright Foreign Student Program, spoke to students at Jewels International School of Kinshasa about opportunities to study in the United States. The speakers shared with the students EducationUSA’s “5 Steps to U.S. Study”. Mr. Bashi and Mr. Mutombo  described their programs of study at the University of Indiana and Michigan State University, including ways their degrees and cross-cultural experience have allowed them to achieve their professional goals at home in Kinshasa.

Over 1 million international students–including 35,000 from Africa and 1,000 from DRC–currently study in the United States. ‎With over 4,000 regionally accredited universities and 19 million students enrolled in its universities, the United States has the most diverse, comprehensive, and accessable educational system in the world. For more information, please visit