Cultural Center

The American Cultural Center is an integral part of the Public Diplomacy Section of the Embassy. It serves as the first and most solicited point of contact of the Congolese citizens to the American Embassy Public Diplomacy. To this end, the American Cultural Center is responsible for presenting various aspects of the American culture and values to the many Congolese audiences through events such as seminars, workshops, panel discussions, and book and speaker programs. While the Information Section is charged with articulating American foreign policy to Congolese through press events, releases and outreach initiatives to journalists, the Information Resource Center is tasked with tracking local developing news for senior officials at the embassy and the Congolese government. The Information Resource Center is a modern library which offers over 2,000 books in English and French, 60 magazines and journals, professional researchers and deep online research tools. The IRC is one of the first of its kind in offering extensive online resources on the United States.