Community Service Day for environment

On Saturday, February 25, the 2017 second edition of our Community Service Day (CSD) volunteer program was held.
From Lubumbashi to Kinshasa, via Ngandajika, Kisangani, Kindu or Mbandaka, several hundred Congolese citizens have performed generous acts and offered free services for the general welfare of their communities or to support disadvantaged groups.
Activities included donations to old people’s homes, sanitation work at universities or markets, and even the planting of dozens of trees along public roads and fighting climate change!
The image shows our alumni and many volunteers planting trees along the Avenue des Huileries in Kinshasa, near the Stadium of the Martyrs.
You also want to be part of the large family of volunteers, regardless of the city in which you live in the DRC? Email your name, surname, first name, contact number and city of residence to