Business FAQs

To find out information on conducting business in the DRC, please consult the Country Commercial Guide.

With the exception of the sale of weapons and conflict minerals, there are no restrictions which prevent companies from doing business in the DRC.

Foreign companies are not permitted to do retail trade, while foreign and local private companies are not permitted to get involved with businesses relating to insurance, railway transport, the production and distribution of water or electricity, or the selling of uranium.

Congolese airline companies are on the SFAR’s black list.  As a result, almost all Congolese aircrafts cannot fly outside of the DRC. 

If you do not have the contact address of an official in the DRC, you may contact the Economic and Commercial Section of the U.S. Embassy who can assist you. Please refer to the section “Contact Us” to find the right person to send your inquiry to at the Economic and Commercial Section.

To receive future notification about EB events focused on the DRC, please email or contact the Economic and Commercial of the U.S. Embassy directly at